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voice of a veteran

Veterans are not broken, we stand ready to act.

Voice Of A Veteran and this Podcast were launched by Heston Russell, a Special Forces Veteran, in order to provide a platform to discuss those conversations that many have been hiding from.

Vulnerability, Authenticity, Courage & Character – will all be tested as you are taken through experiences from Special Forces missions around the world, to contemplating suicide.

Each episode will deconstruct the physical, mental and emotional resilience that has enabled each guest to succeed or fail in their lives.

You’ll hear from people who have achieved greatness and fallen from this height. If you are struggling with purpose, identity, or understanding how to unlock your true potential – then tune in to hear some of the most real and unscripted stories ever told – and be ready to take away the lessons on offer.


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Heston Russell

Heston Russell is a retired Special Forces Major and the Founder of Voice Of A Veteran.

First joining the Australian Army at 17 via the Australian Defence Force Academy, Heston completed Special Forces selection and training to become a Qualified Commando Officer within the 2nd Commando Regiment, Special Operations Command – Australia.

In 2016, Heston was promoted to Major and appointed Officer Commanding the Special Forces Selection and Training continuum at the Special Forces Training Centre.

Launching VOAV in 2020 as a platform for modern veterans to speak out, he is on a mission to break down the stigmas surrounding mental health and vulnerability within the veteran community.

Heston believes each and every one of us has the ability to do whatever is needed to act with an authentic purpose empowered by responsibility – not entitlement – to ensure no one ever feels alone.

Scott Evennett

Scott Evennett served within the Australian Defence Force from 2005 until his retirement from active service in 2012. In 2008, Scott was selected into the Special Forces and served as a Commando within the Second Commando regiment until his retirement.

He was deployed on three combat rotations to Afghanistan, serving twice within the Special Operations Task Groups in 2009 and 2012.

After leaving the military, Scott established his fitness & events business and consultancy ventures.

Scott supports Voice of a Veteran, where he and Heston Russell provide support for the current veteran mental health crisis that has seen over 700 veterans commit suicide since 2001.